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Your support is always appreciated. The campaign has ended but our fight for human rights continues. Please make a donation to support UN Watch.

With you, we can combat U.N. antisemitism and anti-Israeli bigotry. With you, we can fight dictatorships and double standards. With you, we can defend democracy and protect human rights.

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UN Watch needs to raise $1 million by the end of November to ensure the continuation of our vital work. Thanks to your support, we reached our $1 million goal!

The power of you

We believe one voice can change the world. Working together, we cannot be ignored! This year, we’re calling on our social media community—millions of voices worldwide—to support UN Watch’s essential activities with a $5 donation; to inspire 5 friends; and to thereby help us raise $500,000.


UN Watch Executive Director Hillel Neuer will be holding the following live events to present the three pillars of UN Watch’s work — and, for the first time on social media, to answer your questions!

November 15, 2021

Campaign Launch

Join Hillel Neuer as UN Watch launches its annual campaign, bringing together friends and supporters from around the world to support the vital work of UN Watch. Don’t miss the premiere screening of a new video featuring a behind-the-scenes account of UN Watch’s historic clashes. You will receive an exclusive briefing on latest developments — and on the battles ahead.  

November 18, 2021

Live: Fighting Anti-ISRAELI BIGOTRY

The goal of today’s global war against Israel’s legitimacy is to erode the Jewish state’s international standing and to constrain its ability to defend itself. Ground Zero of this global delegitimization campaign is the United Nations, where Arab and Islamic states, aided by other dictatorships, distort the founding principles of the United Nations to attack Israel. Click here to submit your questions on this topic

November 22, 2021

Live: Monitoring the United Nations

UN Watch leads the battle against repressive regimes that are routinely elected to key UN bodies that are mandated to protect human rights, defend women’s rights and protect world heritage and culture. When Iran gets appointed to the UN Women’s Rights Commission, China to the Human Rights Council, and Syria to the WHO Executive Board, it is UN Watch that exposes the hypocrisy and speaks out for the UN’s founding principles. Click here to submit your questions on this topic

November 25, 2021

Live: PROTECTING Human Rights

When dictatorships like Iran, China and Venezuela tell lies to cover up their records of abuse, UN Watch brings the world’s most courageous dissidents to confront their oppressors and tell the truth — both inside the United Nations Human Rights Council, and at its acclaimed parallel event, the annual Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy.  Click here to submit your questions on this topic

December 1, 2021

Live: The Future of
UN Watch

Tune in to find out if UN Watch’s fundraising campaign reached its goal, and get answers from Hillel Neuer on the battles ahead.

Step 1:
Donate $5

Every voice counts. Make a $5 donation to show your support for UN Watch. Together we can reach our goal.

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Inspire 5 people

Share our campaign with five friends. There is strength in numbers — spreading the word amplifies every donation!

Step 3:
Raise $500,000

Our goal is to raise $500,000 from our social media community in order to ensure UN Watch’s vital mission to combat anti-Israeli prejudice and defend human rights for all. If each of our online followers contributes only $5 — and encourages 5 friends to do the same — we will reach our goal!

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