Day: June 7, 2022

The Hamas terrorist organization welcomes UNHRC’s Pillay Report as “a new and important addition in documenting the crimes of the occupation.” It’s obscene how violent

Navi Pillay, head of the U.N. commission of inquiry on Israel, signs petitions and lobbies governments to "sanction apartheid Israel." She declared Israel guilty in

The U.N. inquiry chaired by Navi Pillay today released its first report. We called for her removal on grounds that she's not impartial: Pillay lobbies

So in 14 different places, the Pillay Report relies on the authority of ex-Gaza Flotilla spokeswoman @GrietjeBa, author of “Queer Cases Unmake Gendered Law, Or,

The Pillay Report refers 14 times to the infamous Goldstone Report (HRC/12/48) even though Goldstone himself disavowed its key charges in the Washington Post, and

U.N. Pillay Commission on Palestinian-Israeli conflict concedes their report is “overwhelmingly directed towards Israel” — but says this merely reflects prior U.N. findings, and is

Bravo to the UNHRC's Pillay Commission for “ensuring the inclusion of a diverse range of perspectives in its consultations” by meeting with Palestinian organizations that

What the U.N. doesn't want you to know about today's report by their supposedly independent & impartial Pillay Commission on Israel: the chair, Navi Pillay,

The report is a travesty: Israel is mentioned 157 times, Hamas 3, Islamic Jihad 0, Islamic Republic of Iran 0. We asked you and @mbachelet:

The U.N. Human Rights Council, 2/3 made up of dictatorships like China, Cuba, Eritrea, Qatar & Venezuela, is upside down. On democratic 🇮🇱 Israel:9 urgent

The @UN_HRC is fair and balanced. Condemnations since it was founded:0 🇨🇺 Cuba0 🇸🇦 Saudi0 🇨🇳 China0 🇹🇷 Turkey0 🏴‍☠️ Taliban0 🇵🇰 Pakistan0 🇿🇼 Zimbabwe1

BREAKING: UNHRC's Pillay Commission of Inquiry targeting Israel releases first report ahead of Monday debate: The report is a complete travesty. Mentions of Israel:

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