March 15, 2023

In the 🧵below, we expose some of the 133 UNRWA teachers and staff found to incite hate in this new report: Who funds UNRWA?

“Hitler, are you sleeping? Wake up, honey, there arestill some people you need to burn.”— UNRWA officer Labibeh Iskandarani The hate is systematic at UNRWA.

Meet UNRWA's Ahmad Dawoud. In this post he glorifies Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades terrorist commander Abdullah Al-Ahmad as a “martyr,” saying men like him “are scarce”:

Meet UNRWA's Abu Firas Azab. He encourages Palestinian children to commit violence, glorifying 17-year-old Palestinian Islamic Jihad gunman Amjad Fayed as a “little cub” who

In this image glorifying terrorists, Ayman Dlash of UNRWA's Jalazoun Boys school is tagged by a student, who seems to know his teacher would approve.

Meet UNRWA's Ayman Dlash. His brother Muhammad is a Hamas terrorist whom he wished “warmest congratulations and blessings.” See his other brother, Maher, in a

Meet UNRWA teacher Nizar Khalil Abu Shaheen. He shared & endorsed an antisemitic conspiracy post saying rich Jews control the UAE, quoting “The International Jew”

UNRWA often denies these pro-Jihadis are staff. So our report gives proof. Here's UNRWA then-director @GwynLewis12: “Dear Arwa, you were one of the best staff.

Meet @UNRWA teacher Arwa al-Najjar. She praised Palestinian terrorist Udai Tamimi for “curing the wounds of the homeland.” Translation: “His left-hand presses down on his

In June, @UNRWA teacher Zaher Fanous posted a video—he's a TEACHER funded by US, German, EU, UK, Canadian taxpayers—encouraging Palestinian children to engage in violence.

Translation: “Think not of those who slain for Allah as dead. Nay, they live in presence of their Lord. Do not think Allah is heedless

UNRWA teacher Fanous shared a video glorifying Lion’s Den Palestinian terrorists killed in a raid on their bomb-making factory. The text refers to Israel as

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