Canada & UNRWA: Enhanced Due Diligence? A new report by UN Watch

CLICK HERE FOR FULL REPORT Editor’s Note: following release of our report today, this image of a knife-wielding student who recited martyrdom poetry was just deleted from the UNRWA Jordan Facebook group, which has 37,000 followers. OTTAWA, April 9, 2017 – Teachers and other employees of the U.N.’s Palestinian relief agency, according to a new UN Watch report presented today at the Canadian Parliament, are holding rallies to support the wave of Palestinian stabbings of Israelis, posting pictures and quotes of Adolf Hitler, glorifying Hamas terrorists, and instructing students to erase Israel from the map — and the Canadian government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau needs to take promised action and ensure perpetrators are fired.    Read:  Full Report | Letter to PM Trudeau “Despite our prior identification of UNRWA teachers who endorse Hitler and call for killing Jews,” said Hillel Neuer, executive director of the Geneva-based UN Watch, “I am not aware of a single UNRWA teacher who has been fired as a result, calling into question Canada’s claim, when it announced its $25 million funding decision in November, that UNRWA has a policy of ‘zero tolerance.’” The Trudeau government promised that its funding would be accompanied by “enhanced due diligence,” including a “very robust oversight and reporting framework.” Evidence of UNRWA’s employment of racists and terrorism supporters was downplayed or dismissed. “Canada is aware that UNRWA has faced allegations on controversial issues, such as neutrality violations,” said Bibeau in November. “Some of them are based on facts and have been addressed. Others are simply unfounded.” “Today we are submitting the evidence of … Continue reading Canada & UNRWA: Enhanced Due Diligence? A new report by UN Watch