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Trending UN Watch tweets from this past week: Jeremy Corbyn, who in the past has repeatedly called for sanctions on Israel, advocates “negotiations” and “diplomatic

Ken Roth's Twitter War With Hillel Neuer

Attending school at illegal settlement doesn't legitimize apparent kidnapping of #Israel teens. They should be freed — Kenneth Roth (@KenRoth) June 14, 2014 Palestinian

Schweiz zahlt antisemitische UNO-Mitarbeiter

Sonntags Zeitung 19 Februar 2017 UNO-Lehrer finden Hitler toll Simon Widmer Ein Bericht wirft Mitarbeitern des Hilfswerks für Palästina-Flüchtlinge Rassismus vor – die Schweiz unterstützt

Anti-Semitism: A Fight for the UN?

“The fight against anti-Semitism is a fight for all of us.” – Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon, January 22, 2015 By Lisa Bertel In January 2015,

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