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Why do the New York Times and other major media continue to get the story so wrong when it comes to #Iran? As exposed here

Dear @AlenaDouhan: You went to Tehran in May and used your UN human rights position to blame all of Iran's problems on sanctions by Western

.@MinColonna @hadjalahbib @Kandiacamara_Of @MakossoAnatole Allez-vous voter pour expulser le régime iranien de la Commission des droits de la femme de l'ONU ? Le vote aura

Soon the world will begin celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. These are being systematically violated today by the Islamic

We activists in the West (those who are anti-NIAC) will take care of #1. The courageous people in Iran will take care of #2. —

🧵 on who has spoken out in support of ousting IRI from UN Women, ending with links on what needs to happen before the vote

« Dans le passé, les forces du régime hésitaient parfois pour frapper les femmes, mais maintenant – nous voyons qu’ils s’en fichent vraiment.» Il a

MORE: National Assembly of France 🇫🇷 adopted a motion “Calling on the government to take diplomatic action to exclude Iran from the United Nations Commission

🇩🇪 FM Annalena Baerbock to UN: "On many occasions we have called on Iran to respect these rights, to stop the violent crackdown on protesters,

🇩🇪 German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock to UN: "Impunity prevents justice. Justice for sisters, justice for sons, justice for mothers. Today is a test of

🇻🇪 Venezuela to the UNHRC: "This special session against Iran makes no sense, especially in light of the comprehensive information provided by Iran on events

🇮🇷 The Islamic Republic of Iran to the U.N. Human Rights Council: "According to credible statistics and reports, the Islamic Republic of Iran has achieved

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