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UN Human Rights Council Goes Soft on Sudan

PRESS RELEASE Geneva, November 28, 2006 — The UN Human Rights Council, meeting yesterday and today in its resumed second regular session, adopted three country

UN Rights Council Considering Draft Resolutions

PRESS RELEASE Geneva, October 6, 2006 – In the final meeting of its second regular session, the UN Human Rights Council today is considering 45 proposed resolutions, said UN Watch,

UN Rights Council Slams Israel Again

PRESS RELEASE For media inquiries, please telephone +41-22-734-1472 or click here. UN Rights Council Slams Israel Again Geneva, July 6, 2006 – UN Watch commended the 11 democratic

UN Human Rights Session is One-Sided

PRESS RELEASE Geneva, July 5, 2006 –  UN Watch condemned the UN Human Rights Council’s decision to single out Israel for denunciation in a special session to be

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