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“In 2013, I was set to testify at the U.N. Human Rights Council. China requested the names of dissidents scheduled to speak. Despite this being

🇨🇳 China raided the offices of business consulting firm Capvision as part of an ongoing crackdown on foreign businesses that provide sensitive economic data. We

🇨🇳 China placed an exit ban on outspoken university scholar Guo Yuhua, barring her from entering Hong Kong. She signed a letter in October 2020

GOOD: Canada expelled a Chinese diplomat after he tried to intimidate a Canadian lawmaker critical of China’s treatment of its Uyghur Muslim minority. —

🇨🇳 China forces prisoners to work 13-hour shifts with almost no days off and very little pay — roughly $0.48 per day. At Chishan Prison,

Sun Qian has been trapped behind bars in China for over five years. She's been tortured, coerced to sign false confessions and forced to renounce

🇨🇳 China is ramping up its campaign against foreign journalists with a special big-data-powered alert system that can single out reporters who travel to the

🇨🇳 China stepped up its use of exit bans against human rights defenders and their families and expanded legislation authorizing their use to anyone under

🇨🇳 China slashed the democratically-elected seats to only 20% for local Hong Kong elections. Only 88 seats in November’s race will be elected by the

Meet Dr. Wang Bingzhang. He was the first Chinese citizen to earn a Ph. D. in North America, at McGill in Montreal. Then he founded

🇨🇳China banned Muslims younger than 60 in the Xinjiang region from praying at mosques and even in their own homes during the religious holiday of

🇨🇳 Chinese authorities are harassing and sending death threats to lawyer Caoilfhionn Gallagher, who is representing jailed dissident and newspaper publisher Jimmy Lai. 🇨🇳 China

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