Quoted in @taipei_times: "China's joining a 5-seat UN rights panel in April was lambasted around the world given Beijing's atrocious human rights record. Hillel Neuer,

.@FoxNews citing UNW: "Despite long being under a cloud of controversy for its human rights record—from the treatment of ethnic minorities to muzzling critics—China continues

.@SkyNewsAust: China’s nominee to the Human Rights Council for free speech, Irene Khan, has “showered praise upon the Chinese regime” and its Belt and Road

Only in the Orwellian world of the UNHRC would a totalitarian regime that silences, jails & crushes dissenting voices, and which runs the Great Firewall

China's appointment in April to a UN Human Rights Council panel that selects human rights monitors sparked global outrage. Worse, it turns out the vetting

UN Watch's @HillelNeuer on @SkyNewsAust: Given China is one of the world’s most “gross and systematic abusers of human rights,” it is now essentially gaining

“The powers that be at the United Nations and the World Health Organization will fight any attempt to hold China accountable for the spread of

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