Update on President Xi's record as 🇨🇳China joins top U.N. Human Rights Council panel: ❌ Tightest media censorship of post-Mao era❌ 100s of rights lawyers

Scoop for journalists: tomorrow's court proceeding in Geneva will turn a spotlight on how the U.N. handed over names of dissidents to China. When @UNHumanRights

🇺🇳Today the U.N. Working Group on Enforced Disappearances meets to review 500 cases from 25 different countries. 🇨🇳China just joined the U.N. Human Rights Council

In the name of more than 1 million Muslim Uighurs locked up in Chinese camps, I demand that you apologize:@PalestineUNOG@KSAmofaEN@NorthKoreaDPRK@edmnangagwa@ONUVEGinebra@Presidence_RDC@PakPMO@AShingiro @AlgeriaUN@RussiaUN@MfaEgypt@syriamofa@JZarif@IraqiGovt#hrc43 — Hillel Neuer (@HillelNeuer)

Now that the world has compelling evidence of Chinese “re-education” camps that lock up 1 million Muslims, if the UN Human Rights Council in its

China detains parents of Zulhumar Isaac and millions of others in Xinjiang for the crime of being Uighur Muslims. Why won't the UN Human Rights

GOOD: UN Secretary-General identifies "dark side of the digital world" with spread of fake information & invasion of privacy. BAD: China, a member of the

China authorities decimate city of Yarkand, once a bastion of life for Uighur Muslims, with mass detentions, bulldozers & high surveillance to do away with

China's Orwellian system of control rejected by Taiwanese voters who turned out in record numbers to rebuke President Xi. Will the U.N. speak out against

China authorities frame detention camps in Xinjiang as part of robust counter-terror effort when in fact they represent China's effort to systematically eliminate Uighur identity.

China's crackdown on Uighur Muslims shows how President Xi is "building the world's most sophisticated surveillance regime" at the expense of democracy & free expression.

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