Better late than never: I welcome the report by Michelle Bachelet, in her last moments as UN human rights chief, on China's abuses against Uyghurs.

Even if UN human rights commissioner Michelle Bachelet does release her long-delayed report on China’s record in Xinjiang before her term expires in 20 minutes,

Ruled by an oppressive regime, the world’s most populous state and second-largest economy is trying to subvert the U.N. Human Rights Council. China exercises its

Meet Yue Zhang. He works for the Chinese foreign ministry and had a career spreading propaganda, as you can see here when he served in

Night has arrived here in Geneva, I just checked Bachelet's UN website, and there is no report on China's record in Xinjiang. https://t.co/YSUrsClqbD pic.twitter.com/2qAsRweCqc —

“Bachelet told the council nearly a year ago that her office was finalizing a report on the situation in Xinjiang, where Beijing stands accused of

Neuer's Law: The more silent and cowardly U.N. officials are about condemning the world's worst abusers, the louder and bolder they are on climate change.

"There's no excuse for not getting it out. The only person that controls that is her. It's her report," Bravo Canadian UN ambassador @BobRae48 for

The U.N.'s human rights chief gives her final press conference before stepping down from her position. Why, @mbachelet, did you fail to mention the plight

Asked to elaborate on why it has not been released, Bachelet said she's “trying” but needs time to “integrate new information” from her visit and

Bachelet parroted Beijing talking points on a May visit to China. Her report has been in the works for three years but left unpublished for

UN's @mbachelet still won't release her long-delayed report on China & Uyghurs. @BobRae48: “I don't know under what process a human rights commissioner would say

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