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As a critic of the UN, I welcome this strong statement by UN experts in defense of Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters. This is what UN

Kowtowing to Beijing, UN human rights chief @mbachelet focuses her criticism on the Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters, opening her remarks with "My Office continues to

In other words, in her opening #HRC42 address, UN human rights chief @mbachelet had the courage to deliver 5 key points about climate change (a

Hong Kong moves to criminalize disrespecting China's national anthem, a Communist Party symbol. Opposition members fear the new legislation will be used as a political

Last bookshop in Hong Kong selling titles banned by China on the mainland is closed, amid increasing pressure from pro-China government. In the past, Hong

Hong Kong de facto expels Financial Times journalist, deepening concerns about the deterioration of media freedom. Hong Kong belongs to China, a member of the

🇨🇳 China sentences Hong Kong protester to a 21-month prison sentence for throwing an egg at a police station. 🇨🇳 China was just elected to

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