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UNHRC on Qatar: "I see no objection"

Testimony by UN Watch Executive Director Hillel Neuer at UN Human Rights Council adoption of its report on Qatar’s human rights record, September 19, 2014 Thank you,

Defend the rights of victims in Nicaragua

UN Watch Statement Human Rights Council, 27thSession UPR of Nicaragua 19 September 2014 Delivered by Signe Kossmann   Thank you, Mr. President. UN Watch is

End human rights violations in Ethiopia

Human Rights Council 27th Session UPR of Ethiopia Delivered by Regont Pula Thank you, Mr. President. UN Watch is concerned with the human rights situation

End sexual violence in the Congo

UN Watch Statement Human Rights Council, 27th Session UPR: Democratic Republic of the Congo 18 September 2014 Delivered by Miriam Adi Manning Thank you, Mr.

Recommended Books by UN Watch Heroes

UN Watch is on the forefront of battling human rights abuses around the world. In doing so, we have been privileged to work closely with

Help the Innocent Victims in Iraq

UN WATCH STATEMENT TO UNHRC EMERGENCY SESSION ON ISIS 1 September 2014 Thank you, Mr. President. My name is Maryam Wahida, and I am a