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⚡️ Miloon Kothari wins our U.N. Anti-Racist of the Month Award. A self-declared anti-racist, he was recently condemned for antisemitism by the UN Secretary General,

US lawmakers urge UN to dissolve its Commission of Inquiry on Israel, saying commissioner Miloon Kothari's antisemitic remarks “demonstrate the lack of impartiality and disproportionate

Here is our draft resolution to terminate the mandate of the COI: The text will be circulated to all UNHRC member states. We will

Bravo 🇨🇦 for defending the rule of law and standing strong against bias and antisemitism. — Hillel Neuer (@HillelNeuer) August 5, 2022

האו"ם משוחד: הלל נוייר, מנכ"ל UN WATCH בריאיון מיוחד על ההתבטאויות האנטישמיות במועצת זכויות האדם של האו"ם@Litalsun #עכשיו_לילה — עכשיו 14 (@Now14Israel) August 4,

RELEASE: “UN Watch rejects Kothari’s attempt to whitewash his use of a notorious antisemitic trope that has sparked deadly pogroms and worse & his questioning

Bravo 🇧🇷 Brazil! One of the strongest condemnations yet of Miloon Kothari, commissioner on the UNHRC inquiry against Israel, who ranted about “the Jewish Lobby.”

BREAKING: Condemned by the world for antisemitism, UNHRC commissioner Miloon Kothari's non-apology apology letter argues his remarks were not antisemitic but only “perceived and experienced”

Still silent, paradoxically, are those international human rights figures who bear the most responsibility as key backers of the bigoted commission of inquiry:@AgnesCallamard of @amnesty

Bravo, Sweden! Called out Kothari's antisemitism:🇦🇺 Australia🇦🇹 Austria🇧🇪 Belgium🇨🇦 Canada🇨🇿 Czech🇪🇺 EU🇫🇷 France🇩🇪 Germany🇭🇺 Hungary🇮🇹 Italy🇮🇱 Israel🇳🇱 Neth🇳🇴 Norway🇸🇪 Swed🇺🇳 UNHRC Chair🇺🇳 UN Relig Freedom

Bravo 🇨🇭 Switzerland! Called out Kothari's antisemitism:🇦🇺 Australia🇦🇹 Austria🇧🇪 Belgium🇨🇦 Cdn🇨🇿 Czech🇪🇺 EU🇫🇷 Fra🇩🇪 Ger🇭🇺 Hun🇮🇹 Ita🇮🇱 Israel🇳🇱 Neth🇳🇴 Norway🇸🇪 Swed🇨🇭 Swiss🇺🇳 UNHRC Chair🇺🇳 UN

Champions of human rights & anti-racism who did NOT condemn antisemitic “Jewish lobby” rant by Miloon Kothari, member of the UNHRC commission of inquiry on

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