Right of the Palestinian people to self-determination



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Human Rights Council



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HRC Regular

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  • The one-sided resolution blames Israeli settlements for lack of Palestinian self-determination while ignoring Palestinian rejectionism of Israel and terrorism. It also endorses the Security Council and General Assembly Resolutions condemning the U.S. decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and contains no praise.
  • Moreover, the resolution was adopted under Item 7, the discriminatory Agenda Item which singles out Israel for censure, signaling criticism of Israel.

Main Sponsors

Organization of Islamic Cooperation


Yes - 43, No - 2, Abstain - 2, Absent - 0

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  • "Deploring the plight of millions of Palestine refugees and displaced persons who have been uprooted from their homes, and expressing deep regret about the fact that more than half of the Palestinian people continue to live in exile in refugee camps throughout the region and in the diaspora."
  • "Recalling the conclusion of the International Court of Justice, in its advisory opinion of 9 July 2004, that the right to self-determination of the Palestinian people, which is a right erga omnes, is severely impeded by Israel, the occupying Power, through the construction of the wall..."
  • "Considering that the right to self-determination of the Palestinian people is being violated further by Israel through the existence and ongoing expansion of settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem."
  • "Calls upon Israel, the occupying Power, to immediately end its occupation of the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem..."
  • "Also expresses grave concern at the fragmentation and the changes in the demographic composition of the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem, which are resulting from Israel’s continuing construction and expansion of settlements..."

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  • Yes43

    • Afghanistan
    • Angola
    • Argentina
    • Armenia
    • Austria
    • Bahamas
    • Bahrain
    • Bangladesh
    • Brazil
    • Bulgaria
    • Burkina Faso
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  • No2

    • Australia
    • Marshall Islands
  • Abstain2

    • Cameroon
    • Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Absent0