Promotion and protection of human rights in Nicaragua



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Human Rights Council



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HRC Regular

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  • Although adopted under Item 2 which indicates ambiguity as to whether the resolution is condemnatory, the resolution clearly condemns the government for violations, including legislation that violates human rights, intimidation and reprisals against those who cooperate with UN human rights mechanisms, violations of freedom of expression and arbitrary arrests. The resolution also asks for enhanced monitoring by the Office of the High Commissioner.
  • Nicaragua strongly objected to the resolution which it said was based on “fake news” and a “fictitious” Western narrative about Nicaragua.

Main Sponsors

Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru


Yes - 20, No - 8, Abstain - 18

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  • "Expressing grave concern at the broad scope of the Amnesty Law and the implementation of recent legislation by the Government of Nicaragua...all of which, contrary to international human rights law, hinder victims of human rights violations from exercising their right to an effective remedy..."
  • "Condemning all acts of intimidation and reprisal, both online and offline, by State and non-State actors against individuals and groups who seek to cooperate or have cooperated with the United Nations..."
  • "Expresses grave concern at the continuing reports of human rights violations and abuses and the lack of accountability since April 2018, the persisting bans on public demonstrations, the persisting disproportionate use of force by the police to repress social protests, and acts of violence by armed groups..."
  • "Expresses concern at the persisting restrictions on civic space and the repression of dissent in Nicaragua which includes acts of intimidation, harassment and unlawful or arbitrary surveillance of human rights defenders..."
  • "Calls upon the Government of Nicaragua to cease immediately using arbitrary arrests and arbitrary detentions,as well as threats and other forms of intimidation or alternative measures of detention, as a means to repress dissent..."
  • "Requests the High Commissioner to enhance and broaden monitoring by the Office of the High Commissioner and to continue to report on the situation of human rights in Nicaragua..."

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  • Yes20

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  • No8

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  • Abstain18

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