Technical assistance and capacity-building to improve the human rights situation in Haiti, in connection with a request from the authorities of Haiti for coordinated and targeted international action



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Human Rights Council



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  • This Haiti-sponsored resolution is critical of the human rights situation in the country due to gang violence. While the resolution holds the government accountable for protection of human rights, it does not blame the government for violations, but rather encourages the government.
  • Haiti sponsored and supported the resolution.
  • Moreover, the resolution was adopted under Item 10, which concerns mere "technical assistance," signaling an uncritical approach.

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  • "Expressing grave concern that the resurgence of the violence perpetrated by the armed gangs that control most of the capital, Port-au-Prince, and several other cities is resulting in a shortage of basic necessities and medical care, is undermining the human rights efforts of the Government of Haiti and is impeding the realization of the human rights of the Haitian people…"
  • "Calls on the Government of Haiti to step up its efforts to promote and protect human rights and to strengthen the rule of law, including the judicial and prison systems, and the fight against gender-based violence and discrimination, corruption and impunity…"
  • "Requests the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights to appoint, without delay, for a renewable period of one year, an independent human rights expert tasked with monitoring, with the assistance of the Office of the High Commissioner and in collaboration with the United Nations Integrated Office in Haiti, the development of the human rights situation in Haiti…"

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