Assistance to Somalia in the field of human rights



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Human Rights Council



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  • The resolution begins by praising the Somali government for its commitment to improving human rights. While it expresses concern about serious violations, these are not attributed to the government. In addition, although the resolution contains some general criticism not specifically directed at any party and urges the government to improve the situation, this is not sufficient to render the resolution condemnatory in light of other factors. Notably, Somalia was one of the main sponsors of the resolution.
  • Moreover, the resolution was adopted under Item 10, which concerns mere "technical assistance," signaling an uncritical approach.

Main Sponsors

United Kingdom, Somalia



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Key Criticism

  • "Expresses concern at the reports of violations and abuses of international human rights law and violations of international humanitarian law in Somalia, emphasizes that all armed actors should uphold respect for international humanitarian law and human rights for all and hold accountable all those responsible for such violations and abuses and related crimes…"
  • "Expresses deep concern at the increasing risk of civilian protection issues resulting from continued counter-al-Shabaab operations…"
  • "Expresses concern at any attack against, illegal restrictions imposed on or harassment of human rights defenders, civil society actors, opposition political actors, including journalists and media workers…"
  • "Also expresses concern at the arrest and imprisonment of several individuals for practicing their religious beliefs, and calls for freedom of religion or belief to be respected."
  • "Further expresses concern about the large number of instances of the six types of grave violations committed against children in armed conflict as identified by the Secretary-General and documented in his annual report…"
  • "Decides to renew the mandate of Independent Expert on the situation of human rights in Somalia, under agenda item 10, for a period of one year."

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