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  • This resolution contains mostly praise and encouragement for the government. Some weak criticism is placed towards the end of the resolution and focuses on a "deterioration of the civil and political environment" while urging the government to respect and protect human rights. Cambodia supported the resolution overall and called for it to be adopted by consensus
  • Moreover, the resolution was adopted under Item 10, which concerns mere "technical assistance," signaling an uncritical approach.

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  • "Expresses serious concern at the reported deterioration in the civil and political environment in Cambodia due to the perceived chilling effects of judicial prosecutions or alleged cases, such as the death of a political analyst in July 2016, and of other actions, including arrests and alleged surveillance, harassment and violence, against members of political parties, trade unions and civil society…"
  • "Expresses concern, alongside that of United Nations human rights experts, over the conviction of Kem Sokha, who was sentenced to 27 years of imprisonment on charges of conspiracy with a foreign power and treason…"
  • "Expresses serious concern at the reported restrictions imposed on some civil society and political parties and the negative impact of the Law on Associations and Non-Governmental Organizations and the amendments of 7 March and 28 July 2017 to the Law on Political Parties…"
  • "Also expresses concern at the reported restrictive environment surrounding the 2023 general election and the introduction of two new election amendments with repercussions for individuals who boycott or call to boycott the election…"
  • "Decides to extend for two years the mandate of Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Cambodia."

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