Technical assistance and capacity-building for Mali in the field of human rights



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Human Rights Council



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HRC Regular

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  • This resolution strongly condemns human rights violations in Mali but fails to name perpetrators, making only general references to "all parties." At the same time, it contains praise and encouragement for the government of Mali.
  • Moreover, the resolution was adopted under Item 10, which concerns mere "technical assistance," signaling an uncritical approach.

Main Sponsors

African Group



Key Praise

  • "Welcoming the cooperation of Mali with international human rights mechanisms and its participation in the fourth cycle of the universal periodic review in May 2023…"
  • "Welcomes the adoption of the National Programme to End Gender-based Violence and the establishment of a framework for reflection on gender-based violence in May 2022…"
  • "Welcomes the implementation of the reparations policy, in particular the operationalization of the Authority for the Management of Reparations for the Victims of the Crises in Mali…"
  • "Welcomes the efforts made by the transitional authorities with a view to the effective return of the administration, particularly the judiciary, and basic social services in the centre and north of the country…"

Key Criticism

  • "Strongly condemns the violations and abuses of human rights and violations of international humanitarian law, violations and abuses of children’s rights, in particular the recruitment and use of children in violation of international law, and extrajudicial and summary executions, enforced disappearances, arbitrary arrests and detention, acts of torture and mistreatment of persons in detention, killing and maiming, and attacks on schools and hospitals."
  • "Strongly condemns the attacks, including terrorist attacks, on civilians, representatives of local, regional and central institutions and the Malian Defence and Security Forces…"
  • "Also strongly condemns the attacks on the civilian population carried out in the context of intercommunal violence and calls upon the Transitional Government of Mali, with the support of the international community, to strengthen its efforts to achieve national reconciliation and to prevent violence in identified hotspots."
  • "Calls upon the Malian transitional authorities to bring all perpetrators of violations and abuses of human rights and violations of international humanitarian law before the competent courts…"
  • "Strongly condemns the summary executions of individuals, encourages the transitional authorities to see through to completion the judicial investigations that have been opened and those that are forthcoming in order to bring to justice those responsible for these serious human rights violations…"
  • "Decides to extend the mandate of the Independent Expert on the situation of human rights in Mali for a period of one year…"

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