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UNRWA staff are breeding the next generation of Hamas in their US-funded schools. One praised the Oct. 7 murderers as “martyrs of the Islamic nation.”

After UNRWA was pressured to remove some incitement to terrorism in their schools' textbooks, the UN's pro-Hamas Palestine Rapporteur @FranceskAlbs complains that “curricula is manipulated

Navi Pillay, head of UN inquiry targeting Israel: “I know that some of you think that the commissioners are not impartial, that we are biased…”

🇮🇱 tells United Nations: “A recent report produced by civil society organizations UN Watch and IMPACT-se reveals how UNRWA continues to hire teachers that openly

Navi Pillay's UN Inquiry on Israel is about to do a press conference. Their new report refuses to acknowledge Palestinian terrorism, and blames Israel for

Today is U.N. Day, celebrating the birth of the United Nations on October 24, 1945. Next week, on November 2nd, the Islamic Republic of Iran

UNGA: “Israel expressed concern over a report by UN Watch detailing how @UNRWA continues to hire teachers who call on students to murder Jews and

Good News: Navi Pillay, chair of the UNHRC's anti-Israel commission of inquiry & long-time enabler of Hamas terrorism, is no longer getting @ABILA_official International Law

I was just on @i24NEWS_EN to address:🔹UNRWA's deleted tweet about Hamas' theft of 24,000 liters of fuel🔹UNRWA's teachers who cheered the Hamas massacre of Israeli

“The UN’s terrorist friends and the teachers of hate in Gaza.” Brazil's @o_antagonista journal reports on our exposé of UNRWA teachers in Gaza who are

Why did UNRWA delete their tweet about Hamas' theft of 24,000 liters of fuel? They remember well how in 2021 Hamas targeted the head of

UNRWA tweets a lot these days, but they'll never tell you that Hamas is to blame for massacring Israeli families, firing thousands of rockets at

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