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🇨🇳 Chinese police detained and beat Gonpo Kyi, the sister of a businessman serving a life sentence for protesting Chinese rule of Tibet in 2008.

🇨🇳 China drastically broadened its anti-espionage laws. Legal experts warn the move could further heighten the risk to foreign individuals and organizations operating in the

🇨🇳 China arrested Taiwan-based book publisher Li Yanhe, who has put out books critical of Beijing, for “endangering national security.” 🇨🇳 China sits on the

GOOD: UN experts express concern over China's efforts to undermine Tibetan religious, linguistic and cultural identity and politically indoctrinate Tibetans. They warn China's actions could

🇨🇳 China charged Taiwanese activist Yang Chih-yuan with “secession,” after holding him for eight months. Yang is vice chair of a minor political party that advocates

🇨🇳 China to step up efforts to censor books in libraries which could “threaten national security.” We urge the @UN_HRC to speak out. — UN

Heard at the UNHRC: 🇨🇳 “China has always been on the side of peace, dialogue and the right side of history and has in her

🇨🇳 China tells the UNHRC: “DPRK works hard to improve people's living standard, maintain social equity, develop health and health care, protect the rights of

“The biggest problem for the free world is the over-dependence of our economies on China. The time has come to establish an economic 'NATO' for

“He devoted himself fulltime to activism, encouraging citizens to understand & assert their rights protected in China’s constitution, like freedom of speech & assembly. He

China just handed down lengthy prison sentences to two of the country’s most prominent human rights lawyers. I took the floor at the U.N.

Eric Tistounet, chief of the U.N. Human Rights Council staff, ordered them to hand over to Beijing the names of Uyghur and other dissidents who

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