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🇷🇺 Russia arrested a Wall Street Journal reporter on espionage charges, the first arrest of this kind since the Cold War. We urge the @UN_HRC

🇷🇺 Russia to the UNHRC: “The topic of combatting racial discrimination and related intolerance is a priority for Russia. Racism, racial discrimination, and related intolerance

Eric Tistounet, chief of the U.N. Human Rights Council staff, ordered them to hand over to Beijing the names of Uyghur and other dissidents who

“…financial aid, and weakening the financial grants it provides to the Palestinian people.” “The decision is part of the agreement between the US and UNRWA—made

Hamas and Islamic Jihad join UNRWA staff in denouncing agency's suspension of a teacher who incited to the murder of Jews. UNRWA teachers pulled hundreds

We call on UNRWA Lebanon chief Dorothee Klaus @DUALEBField to investigate all UNRWA staff now praising teacher Mustafa Riyad Nimr for promoting cold-blooded murder of

BREAKING: Outraged UNRWA staff pull students out of class for 3-day strike against agency for suspending teacher who promoted murder of Jews (⬇️). Hamas blasts

BREAKING: @UNRWA suspended teacher Riad Nimer Mustafa after we exposed his support for murdering Jews. Now a strike is under way in Lebanon by “all

BREAKING: @UNRWA has created an “internal investigation” after 100-page report documenting systemic incitement to antisemitic hate and violence by their staff. 🇩🇪: “Antisemitism and the

⬆️ Today we called on Secretary @JochenFlasbarth, who just visited Gaza to celebrate 🇩🇪 funding of UNRWA schools, to take action on their antisemitism. /7

Secretary @JochenFlasbarth, as you were just in Gaza to celebrate 🇩🇪 funding of UNRWA schools, we hereby submit our 100-page report documenting how UNRWA teachers

In the 🧵below, we expose some of the 133 UNRWA teachers and staff found to incite hate in this new report: Who funds UNRWA?

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