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Ding Jiaxi has been languishing in Chinese prison for 1,339 days. His crime: being a human rights lawyer. We stand with his wife Sophie Luo

Election date won't be made official until the UNGA opens in September, but it will likely take place in mid-October. China always wins election to

1989: Tiananmen Square massacre2006: UN Human Rights Council created. Ken Roth promises abusers won't be elected.2006: China elected to UNHRC (3 yr term)2009: China reelected

“If free countries fail to defend their residents and stand up to the Chinese regime, Beijing’s thuggish behavior will only get worse.” – @tedhuichifung, a

🇭🇰 In China-backed Hong Kong, almost 70% of journalists say they have self-censored their own writing, while 83% said they believed the working environment had

🇨🇳 China expelled a high-ranking official in the Beijing city government for possessing banned political books and journals, as the authorities continue to purge unapproved

🇭🇰 China-controlled Hong Kong slashed the number of directly elected seats in local polls, removing some of the last vestiges of democratic freedoms. We urge

🇨🇳 China tells the UNRHC: “What Jimmy Lai and his cohort did during the turbulence over the amendment bill in Hong Kong in 2019, impacted

Heard at the U.N. Human Rights Council: 🇨🇳 “China is steadfastly in the people-centered human rights development path and we have increased human rights protection

🇨🇳 China tells U.N. Human Rights Council: “Since the implementation of the National Security Law in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong society has returned to

🇨🇳 China's puppet government in Hong Kong will “comply” with the mainland's “patriotic education law.” We urge the @UN_HRC to speak out. — UN

🇨🇳 China tells UNHRC: “Boarding schools are to facilitate schooling of children which reflects wishes of the people. Boarding schools are completely voluntary. There is

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