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Tragic that Hamas sacrifices Palestinian youth for terror tunnels. Mohammed Ashraf Abed could have worked to make the world a better place. Instead he was

.@UniversityLeeds fails student whose paper called out UNRWA. Prof wrote: “So 7 teachers constitute a wave of antisemitism?” 1. We found 113 UNRWA teachers &

Fund needy Palestinians.Don’t fund UNRWA incitement. https://t.co/XwtiFwdKgk — Hillel Neuer (@HillelNeuer) January 20, 2022

No, the opposite. In the words of 🇨🇭 Swiss President Ignazio Cassis: “UNRWA has become part of the problem. It supplies the ammunition to continue

@StatePRM, if you are truly focused on UNRWA "accountability," "transparency" & "neutrality," why are you silent as UNRWA aggressively attacks efforts to apply oversight—and why

We are deeply concerned that you are now rewarding UNRWA with a total of $418 million for 2021 even as the agency and its chief

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