January 16, 2024


UNRWA Night Shift

3,000 UNRWA teachers on Telegram were caught mixing business with terror.  

Five days ago, we exposed a Telegram group of 3,000 UNRWA teachers in Gaza replete with praise of the Hamas massacre of October 7th. UNRWA

BREAKING: UN Watch's Hillel Neuer announced that he is giving the United Nations Secretary-General and UNRWA until 1 pm tomorrow to stop denying that UNRWA

The UN was asked about our exposé of the Telegram channel of 3,000 UNRWA teachers cheering Hamas atrocities. He replied: “UN Watch has a track

BREAKING: 🇺🇸 Democratic Party Congressman Josh Gottheimer, Ranking Member of National Security Agency & Cyber Subcommittee, says the U.N. must investigate UNRWA Telegram channel of

UNRWA is complicit with Hamas genocide. https://t.co/0ECeat8qr2 🧵 https://t.co/nh4d154D8l pic.twitter.com/RM3kArkJth — Hillel Neuer (@HillelNeuer) January 12, 2024

Meet UNRWA teacher Waseem Ula. He runs a chat for 3,000 UNRWA teachers: https://t.co/0ECeat8qr2 His username: “Handsome” (أ. وسيم). Ula posts info on salaries from

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