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UN Watch is a non-profit organization dedicated to holding the United Nations accountable to its founding principles. Through its regular monitoring, UN Watch is a key resource for information and analysis about the UN. 

UN Watch is a leading voice combating antisemitism and anti-Israel bias at the UN engaging in advocacy at the highest levels of government and countering misinformation in the media.

UN Watch protects human rights worldwide bringing dissidents to deliver testimonies at the UN and parallel events.

what we do

Monitoring the United Nations​

Find out how your country votes on Israel, how many times it has been criticized by the UN, and on which UN human rights bodies it currently serves.

Read our analysis on various topics including on UN personnel and activities, elections of countries and officials, and the work of different UN bodies.

UN Watch has invited over 100 dissidents from around the world to speak truth to power at the UN Human Rights Council.

Protecting Human Rights Worldwide

UN Watch has worked on issues in over 5 countries across the world.


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Durban Conference

Pillay Commission

what we do

Combatting Antisemitism
and Anti-Israel bias


Fighting Dictatorships

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