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The UN Inquiry on Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

On June 13th, the Human Rights Council will hear the first report of its new Commission of Inquiry which is investigating alleged war crimes during last year’s Hamas-Israel war, as well as alleged systematic discrimination in Israel and the Palestinian territories.

To bring critical information to the public debate, UN Watch has invited experts to present testimony that will be submitted to the COI.

Make your voice heard and oppose the biased and prejudicial COI that singles out Israel.

Please sign our petition and join over 7,000 who have already called on Navi Pillay to be recused as the chair of the UN inquiry.

who we are

Your voice at the UN

UN Watch is a nongovernmental organization that monitors the performance of the United Nations according to the yardstick of its char­ter and promotes human rights for all.

Founded in 1993, UN Watch influences decision-makers, educates world opinion, and promotes UN reform, transparency, and accountability.

Headquartered next to the UN human rights apparatus in Geneva, UN Watch works with civil society, dissidents, and victims to focus international attention on urgent human rights situations worldwide.

UN Watch stands at the forefront in combating racism, antisemitism, and anti-Israel prejudice at the UN, taking the offensive against dictatorships and double standards.

UN Watch receives no funding from any government and relies entirely on charitable donations.

What we do

Monitor the UN by the yardstick of its own charter

Combat antisemitism & anti-Israel bias at the UN

Protect human rights for victims worldwide

UN Watch DAtabase

This UN Watch database monitors the actions and composition of key UN bodies, highlighting the pernicious elevation of dictatorships to high positions, and the world body’s peculiar obsession with scapegoating Israel.

how we do it


Advocacy at the highest levels of government to effect change at the decision-making level.

UN Testimony

Deliver high-impact testimony before UN sessions to capture global attention.

Media Impact

Counter misinformation on Israel by disseminating UN Watch’s truth-telling message through traditional and social media worldwide.  


Publish detailed reports, studies, and research, and present them at parliaments and prestigious universities around the world  to demand UN reform. 



Achieve international condemnation of bigoted actions and statements through mainstream and social media campaigns.


Train students with internships at the UN to prepare the next generation.

Geneva Summit for Human Rights

Focus global attention on victims of the world’s worst dictatorships.

UN Watch