Chairman’s Welcome

Message from Ambassador Alfred H. Moses, Chairman of UN Watch

Welcome to the UN Watch website, dedicated to what we care about most: protecting the values of human dignity and equality upon which the United Nations was founded. Our mandate is to monitor the UN according to the noble principles of its charter, and to promote fundamental freedoms for all. At, citizens around the world now have easy access to the most up to date information and analysis on UN affairs, with a focus on human rights.

Our regular UN Watch Briefings bring an in-depth look behind the headlines, as do our articles published in major publications around the globe, including the International Herald Tribune, The New Republic Online, Israel’s Haaretz, Canada’s National Post and Europe’s Juriste International. UN Watch, with our Geneva headquarters situated at the very heart of the UN’s human rights apparatus, frequently testifies before the Human Rights Council and other important UN bodies, often representing large coalitions of non-governmental organizations. Read the full text of our UN speeches, or watch them on Youtube. UN Watch is unafraid to speak out on issues that matter.

Most of all, UN Watch is about making a difference. Get involved and help us effect change on issues that matter to you. By clicking on one of our Take Action links, you can instantly add your voice to our advocacy campaigns on a range of compelling causes.

In today’s world, the UN has become more relevant than ever. At, you will become educated, informed and involved. We are grateful to our supporters around the globe for their encouragement and commitment to UN Watch, and we welcome new friends. Your continued support is what enables us to continue our mission: to safeguard the UN’s founding principles, vigorously combating racism and antisemitism, and protecting equal rights for all. Thank you.

Alfred H. Moses

UN Watch