Courageous Champions of Human Rights Assemble in Geneva on Sidelines of UN Human Rights Council

Courageous Champions of Human Rights Assemble in Geneva on Sidelines of UN Human Rights Council 


GENEVA, Feb. 24 – Courageous champions of human rights arrived in Geneva today from four corners of the globe in preparation for tomorrow’s Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy, the sixth annual civil society forum held on the sidelines of the UN Human Rights Council.
The event will be live webcast tomorrow, February 25, 2014, between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm CET, days before foreign ministers gather across the street to open the annual session of the UN Human Rights Council. The gathering is designed to draw attention to the world’s most urgent human rights situations.
The 6th Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy
25 February 2014, Centre International de Conférences Genève


9:00   Welcome
Hillel Neuer, Executive Director of UN Watch, on behalf of the NGO Coalition
9:10    Opening Speech: Political Prisoners and The Legacy of Nelson Mandela
Prof. Irwin Cotler, Canadian MP, former Justice Minister, lawyer for Nelson Mandela
9:30    Women’s Rights, Human Dignity and Equality
Moderator: Daniel Schwammenthal, Journalist
Dalia Ziada, Egyptian human rights activist
Dr. Rakhshinda Perveen, Pakistani women’s rights activist
Annick Cojean, Le Monde journalist, author of book on women raped by Col. Qaddafi
Tenzin Dhardon Sharling, Youngest MP in Tibet’s Parliament-in-Exile
11:00  Russia Today, Iran’s Press TV and The Battle for Objectivity
Moderator: Guy Mettan, President of the Swiss Press Club
James Kirchick,
Journalist who hijacked Russia Today interview to expose anti-gay laws
Potkin Azarmehr, Iranian journalist, activist, expert on Iran’s Press TV
12:00  The 2014 Geneva Summit Courage Award
Presented by Ambassador Alfred H. Moses, UN Watch Chair
Chen Guangcheng, Escaped Chinese dissident known as the “Barefoot Lawyer”
Response and conversation with Madeleine Brot, Radio Télévision Suisse
13:00  Networking Lunch
14:30  The Fight for Fundamental Freedoms
Moderator: Philippe Robinet, President of Kéro, publisher of human rights literature
Nagmeh Abedini, Wife of jailed Iranian Pastor Saeed Abedini
William Browder, The man behind the Magnitsky List, CEO of Hermitage Capital
Biram Dah Abeid, Mauritanian anti-slavery activist, 2013 UN Human Rights Laureate
Dang Xuong Hung, Vietnamese diplomat who defected
16:00 Resisting Authoritarianism
Moderator: Alana Goodman, Journalist
Damarys Moya Portieles
, Cuban opposition leader, former political prisoner, victim
Ahn Myong Chul, North Korean prison guard who became a human rights activist
Moayad Iskiaf, Syrian journalist and human rights activist
Ali Al Ahmed, Saudi dissident and human rights activist (via Skype)
17:00  Action: How Parliamentarian and Activists Can Effect Change
Moderator: Hillel Neuer, UN Watch
Mu Sochua, Cambodian MP, Council of Asian Liberals, Liberal International
Yang Jianli, Chinese dissident, founder of Initiatives for China
Jacob Mchangama, Director of Legal Affairs at Denmark’s Center for Political Studies
Taha Bawa, Founder of, a new humanitarian social network
18:00  Signing of Outcome Declaration

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