Issue 545: Hamas Blunders * UN Watch events from Singapore to Sidney


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UN Watch’s Top Tweets in June 2020

Trending UN Watch tweets from June: China lashes out at UN Watch for exposing its repression of Uighur Muslims; rogue regimes dominate UN’s top human

Libya: New UNHRC mandate not serious

Many praised the new UNHRC resolution on Libya saying it will end impunity for rights violations, but the facts that it praises the government, fails

UN Watch Director to Deliver Keynote at WIZO Gala in Sydney, Aug. 26th

Events this week and next in Singapore & New Zealand

UN Watch Executive Director Hillel Neuer will be the keynote speaker at WIZO’s 2015 Major Function on Wednesday, August 26th, his exclusive community-wide lecture while in Australia. For more information, click here.

Neuer will also be meeting privately with government officials in Canberra, Australia’s capital, and with journalists in Melbourne.

Additional lectures by Neuer will take place this week in Singapore, and next week on campuses in Auckland and Wellington, New Zealand. For more information, click here.

Hamas Leader Embarrasses Himself in Posting Pro-Israel Cartoon, Exposed by UN Watch

A confused Hamas leader defended his posting of a caricature, originating from The Israel Cartoon Project, which ridicules the immorality of the UN’s anti-Israel bias.

Caught in the blunder by UN Watch’s Hillel Neuer, former Hamas health minister Basem Naim doubled down on his embarrassing mistake in a heated Twitter exchange with Neuer, until he was finally forced to admit he posted a cartoon that meant the exact opposite of what he was saying.
The story went viral on the Internet, reported now on leading Israeli news site Ynet and by Breitbart News. Full story here.