Pro-Hamas student league calls for strikes to back UNRWA terrorist Fathi al-Sharif

When finally confronted over his Hamas role, senior UNRWA official Fathi al-Sharif mobilized numerous groups in Lebanon to pressure UNRWA into backing down from requesting his resignation. Below is just one of many statements issued in support of the UNRWA terrorist official, this one from the Islamic Association of Palestine Students (a.k.a. Islamic League of Palestinian Students) which as shown at bottom openly glorifies Hamas terrorist attacks.

Islamic Association of Palestine Students

We will lead massive student movements if UNRWA does not retract its behavior against the head of the Teachers’ Union in Lebanon, the educator, Mr. Fateh Sharif.

The Islamic Association of Palestine Students in Lebanon expresses its shock at the news circulating about the behavior of the Director General of UNRWA in Lebanon in trying to blackmail the head of the Teachers’ Union in Lebanon, Mr. Fateh Sharif, by asking him to resign or subject him to an internal investigation committee because of his nationalist positions.

We, in the Islamic Association of Palestine Students, consider this behavior adopted by the UNRWA administration in Lebanon, represented by its Director General, Mrs. Dorothy Klaus, to be an unprecedented transgression that may lead to a popular, trade union and social explosion.

We also remind the administration and director of UNRWA in Lebanon that Mr. Fateh Sharif, director of Deir Yassin Secondary School in the Tire region, set a distinguished example of dedication to his work as a school director, as he built an educational edifice and a beacon of knowledge that should be a model for spreading to all UNRWA schools, in addition to his dedication to union work and service to the sector. Education in Lebanon, where the fields of union and demand work bear witness to countless achievements.
Accordingly, we in the Islamic Association of Palestine Students affirm the following:

First: We refuse for UNRWA to compromise on the national positions of Professor Fateh Sharif and of all UNRWA employees. Rather, we call on all employees to explicitly express their comprehensive national positions, especially with regard to our battle with the Israeli occupation.

Second: The UNRWA administration must immediately retract its suspicious behavior at this sensitive time and apologize to the great educator, Professor Fath Sharif.

Third: We stand behind Professor Fath Sharif and the Teachers’ Union in Lebanon in their union battle with the UNRWA administration, and we are certain that there will be an additional victory for this union’s path in the end.

Fourth: We call on the General Conference of Employees’ Unions in the five countries to stand up against this malicious policy pursued by the UNRWA administration in Lebanon by entering into a labor dispute with the Commissioner-General and his team.

Fifth: We warn the UNRWA administration that we will lead popular and student movements in all the camps, leading to paralyzing all UNRWA facilities, starting from the regional office all the way to the district and camp offices, if the administration does not back down from this immoral behavior against a great leader and educator among the leaders of the Palestinian people in Lebanon.

Islamic Association of Palestine Students in Lebanon
Beirut, Friday, March 1, 2024


لا يتوفر وصف للصورة.


This student organization backing Fathi al-Sharif openly supports terrorist attacks, such as the October 13, 2023 Hamas attempted infiltration of Israeli Moshav Margaliot, which killed three terrorists, including Suhaib Omar Kayed of Wadi Al-Zeina, glorified at the event below. The students are all holding a photo of the Hamas terrorist. Al-Sharif himself also celebrated this terrorist.

قد تكون صورة ‏‏‏١٢‏ شخصًا‏ و‏لحية‏‏

A valuable devotional evening in Wadi al-Zeina

As part of its purposeful educational journey, and in order to create a good environment for youth and students, and to commemorate the last ten nights of Ramadan, the Islamic Association of Palestine Students held a devotional evening for its students in Wadi Al-Zeina under the title “Al-Marabit Student”.

The evening included an educational segment entitled “Resisting Triviality”, which addressed a number of important topics for Muslim youth in dealing with and preventing triviality in social media and other social media sites.

A video titled “The Story of the Great War of Liberation” was also shown, which simulates the jihad and work of generations and generations to liberate the Holy House of Jerusalem from Al-Zenki and Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi to the current events.

At the end, the movie “Muqbil”, a documentary about the life of the student Suhaib Omar Kayed, may Allah accept him.



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