Swiss National Council decides to cut aid to UNRWA: Hillel Neuer on i24 News

i24 News: “Now, you’ve been talking about this for many years, Hillel. But do you think this war has opened a lot of people’s eyes as to what exactly UNRWA is?”

Hillel Neuer: “The fact that the majority, a large majority in the lower house of the Swiss parliament voted to defund UNRWA shows that we’ve reached a certain point. By the way, this happened on the same day that Switzerland voted to ban Hamas, unanimously. So those happened together, at the same time, it’s not accidental. The same Swiss parliament that banned Hamas voted to defund UNRWA.

As I said, the Senate did not approve it. But that indicates that even Switzerland, neutral Switzerland, has enough people that have begun to wake up. That an agency that claims to be solving the problem is actually perpetuating it. We need to do something, we can’t let things remain business as usual. And we should help Palestinians, they need help. But the fact that there’s a political agenda-driven agency that is managing all of this, we’ve seen that they haven’t solved anything. And in fact, they’re the ones who educated the terrorists of October 7, many of them are graduates of UNRWA schools.”


UN Watch