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22 March 2019, Saxony, Leipzig: Masha Gessen, Russian-American journalist, at the Leipzig Book Fair. At its opening on 20.3.2019, it was awarded the Leipzig Book Prize for European Understanding, endowed with 20,000 euros. The Book Fair will continue until 24.03.2019. Photo by: Jan Woitas/picture-alliance/dpa/AP Images

Masha Gessen

Masha Gessen is a Russian-American journalist, author, translator, and activist who has been an outspoken critic of Vladimir Putin. Gessen has written extensively on LGBT rights. As a journalist living in Moscow, Gessen experienced the rise of Vladimir Putin firsthand. They regularly contribute to The New York Times, The New Yorker, The Washington Post, Harper’s, The New York Review of Books, Vanity Fair, and Slate, among other publications. They live in New York.


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