Top 10 Best UN Watch Moments of 2018

The Top 10 Best UN Watch Moments of 2018

10. One Million Views: Col. Kemp Testifies at UN Urgent Session on Gaza Riots  
9. Exposed: Syria Allowed to Chair UN Disarmament Body
8. Amnesty Pilloried for Bigotry in Banning UN Watch
7. Echoing UN Watch, Swiss Foreign Minister Declares: “UNRWA has become part of the problem”
6. Spearheading Campaign Against Dictatorships on UNHRC
5. Confronting Arab Regimes’ Racism: Follow-up Speech to “Where Are Your Jews?” 
4. Shaming UN General Assembly for 21 Resolutions on Israel, Six on Rest of World Combined
3. 10-Year Report Card on UN & Antisemitism Debated at Israel’s Parliament
2. McGill University Hails UN Watch as ‘Lone Voice for Truth & Justice’ in Conferring Honorary Doctorate on Director
1. Defended Human Rights Victims & Called Out World’s Worst Regimes


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UN Watch’s Top Tweets in September 2021

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