Top Tweets From July 2019 – UN Watch

Trending UN Watch tweets from this past month: The UN’s economic and social council singles out Israel as the only country in the world that violates women’s rights; Executive Director Hillel Neuer exposes the Islamic bloc’s silence on China’s detention of 1 million Muslim Uyghurs; Miss Iraq Sarah Idan addresses the UN on Arab-Israeli peace; and UN Watch reveals that several UN Human Rights Council members have laws that call for killing gays.


UN Watch’s breaking news on the UN’s singling out of Israel on women’s rights was shared by thousands around the world, including by opinion leaders such as Nikki Haley, former US Ambassador to the UN; Rachel Riley, British TV presenter; Andrew Beatty, Editor at Agence France-Presse; Hermann Tertsch, Member of European Parliament from Spain; Harold Albrecht & Anthony Housefather, Canadian Members of Parliament.

Thousands of people shared Neuer’s tweet exposing the truth behind a CNN Politics tweet claiming that the US vote opposing the BDS movement was “divisive.” Opinion leaders who shared the tweet include Richard Grenell, US Ambassador to Germany; Carla Zambelli, Brazilian politician; Bas Belder, former Dutch Member of European Parliament; and Lorrie Goldstein, Toronto Sun reporter and National Post commentator.

Neuer silenced the UN Human Rights Council when he exposed the Islamic bloc’s failure to condemn China’s detention of Uyghur Muslims. The video of his UN speech has been seen over 154,000 times so far on Twitter, and was shared by many, including Mehreen Zahra-Malik, New York Times Contributor; Maziar Bahari, Canadian-Iranian journalist; Gaurav Arya, Indian journalist and strategic defense analyst; Arun Pudur; Indian businessman; Ashraf Haidari, Afghan diplomat; Tarek Fatah, Canadian-Pakistani journalist; and Bas Belder, former Dutch Member of European Parliament.

When Neuer exposed that the UN Human Rights Council is composed of members that formally discriminate against gay people, thousands of people were outraged. The tweet was liked by SNL star Sarah Silverman, and shared by people including Frida Ghitis, CNN And Washington Post Contributor; Alan Eyre, US diplomat for Persian-language services; Juan Carlos Girauta, Spanish Member of European Parliament; Volker Beck, German politician; Maxime Bernier, Canadian Member of Parliament; Beatrix von Storch, German politician; and Pilar Rahola, Spanish journalist and former Member of Parliament.

After Syria, Pakistan, Qatar & the PLO attacked Israel with accusations of “grave violations of human rights” at the UN Human Rights Council, Miss Iraq Sarah Idan took the floor. The video, which has been seen over 268,000 times on Facebook and 75,000 times on Twitter, was also shared on Twitter by influential leaders such as Michaela Engelmeier, German politician; Lorrie Goldstein, Toronto Sun reporter and National Post commentator; and George Deek, Israeli diplomat.

An inspiring story about a Muslim medic saving an Israeli woman’s life was seen by thousands around the world. Thought leaders who shared the story include Björn Stritzel, BILD reporter; Yasmine Mohammed, Canadian human rights activist; and Tarek Fatah, Canadian-Pakistani journalist.

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