Transcript: UNHRC President Censors Speech on UNRWA Antisemitism

Transcript from the debate held under Agenda Item 7, 48th Session, United Nations Human Rights Council, 1 October 2021

Hillel Neuer, Executive Director of United Nations Watch, in a joint statement with Ingénieurs du Monde:

Madam President,  Is UNRWA supporting peace? Let us consider UN Watch’s recent report on the teachers they hire, by looking at their social media.”

Nahed Sharawi, an UNRWA math teacher in Gaza, posted a video of Adolf Hitler, along with quotes to “enrich and enlighten your thoughts and minds.”

Husni Masri, an UNRWA teacher in the West Bank, posted antisemitic conspiracy theories, about how Jews control the world, created the coronavirus, and seek to destroy Islam.

Esraa Abdal Raheem, an UNRWA…

President of the Human Rights Council, Nazhat Shameem Khan:

I ask the Secretariat to pause this video. I have noticed that in the course of this video, derogatory, insulting and inflammatory remarks have been made which in particular refer directly to specific individuals.

This amounts to personal attacks against those individuals, and it is not acceptable in this forum. This statement is out of order. And I give the floor to the next speaker, the Palestinian Return Centre, Ltd.


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UN Watch