UN Watch’s Top Tweets in December 2019

Trending UN Watch tweets from December 2019 put a global spotlight on the UN Human Rights Council’s inaction on Iran’s massacre of anti-government protesters; the UN General Assembly’s singling out of Israel; Mauritania’s election to the Human Rights Council despite having 500,000 slaves; and countries that persecute gays and yet which serve on the UNHRC.
UN Watch tweets of the month also included Ambassador Nikki Haley’s keynote address at UN Watch’s Inaugural New York Gala Dinner; UN Watch’s campaign to expel Venezuela from the UNHC; Pakistan’s sentencing of academic Junaid Hafeez to death for blasphemy; China’s retaliation against an Arsenal player for his condemnation of the mass detention of Uighur Muslims; and exposing Ken Roth of Human Rights Watch for obsessively targeting Israel.


UNHRC Silent on Iran’s Massacre of Protesters

UN General Assembly Singles Out Israel

Mauritania’s Election to UNHRC Despite Having 500,000 Slaves

UNHRC Member States That Kill Gays

Ambassador Nikki Haley Addresses UN Watch Inaugural New York Gala

Pakistan’s Sentences 33-year-old Literature Professor to Death for ‘Blasphemy’

Expel Maduro

China Persecutes Uighur Muslims

Ken Roth’s “Illegal” Obsession


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