U.S. Senator Blackburn: UN Watch report exposes UNRWA’s teachers of hate

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Speaking on October 24th, U.S. Senator Marsha Blackburn exposed UNRWA incitement by citing to UN Watch’s report, which documents UNRWA teachers who indoctrinate students with hatred and incite violence, terrorism, and antisemitism. 

Senator Marsha Blackburn:

“But something that hasn’t gotten nearly enough attention is how our tax dollars are radicalizing the next generation of Hamas extremists. UN Watch published a report in March exposing UNRWA-affiliated schools for what they are: indoctrination centers. Now bear in mind, this is UN Watch that published this report and exposed the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian refugees for what they were doing.

One employee shared an Instagram post calling a teenage Palestine Islamic Jihad fighter who was killed in a shootout a “little cub who fights like a thousand lions.” That was an employee of the UN Relief and Works Agency who shared that Instagram post calling a teenage Jihadi fighter a “little cub who fights like a thousand lions.”

A teacher posted a picture of Hitler with the caption “Hitler, are you sleeping? Wake up, honey, there are still some people you need to burn.”

UN Watch also found official curriculum from last year celebrating Dalal Mughrabi. In 1978, she led a band of PLO terrorists in a massacre that left 38 Israeli civilians dead. 13 of her victims were children.

Another piece of propaganda written for 9th-graders, described the firebombing of a Jewish bus as a “barbecue party.”

One UNRWA teacher assigned 7th-grade boys antisemitic poetry that urged the students to expel “Israelis with blood and flesh from Palestine.” All of this was subsidized by the American taxpayer. Hamas is responsible for the October 7 massacre in Israel, but anyone who believes that Hamas is a solo actor is willfully ignorant.”

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