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UN Watch Report: UNRWA Officials Operating 12 Separate Facebook Accounts Inciting Anti-Semitism
UNRWA Response: Spokesman Chris Gunness Attacks UN Watch

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Above: UNRWA’s Mohammed Abu Staita posted this anti-Semitic cartoon on his Facebook page, openly identified with UNRWA, calling for Jews to be killed. Below: UNRWA spokesman Chris Gunness responds with denial and attacks on UN Watch.

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Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 2.12.08 PMGENEVA, September 3, 2015 – UN Watch submitted a report today to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon documenting 12 different Facebook accounts operated by supposedly neutral UNRWA officials that openly incite to violence and hatred against Jews, urging him and agency chief Pierre Krähenbühl to fire the culprits pursuant to theirpromises.

UN Watch additionally called on those giving hundreds of millions of dollars every year to UNRWA — including the United States ($408 million), the European Union ($139 million), the United Kingdom ($95 million) — to stop UNRWA from using taxpayer funds to employ school principals and teachers who spread anti-Semitism and terrorism. Inaction is complicity.

The pathology of racism and violence within UNRWA must finally be rooted out, and not denied and buried, as UNRWA spokesman Chris Gunness has repeatedly attempted to do.

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Chris Gunness Attacks UN Watch

UN Watch’s campaign has brought to light numerous instances of UNRWA incitement on Facebook, reported in the Jerusalem Post, i24 NewsAlgemeiner, and The Blaze.

However, top UNRWA official Chris Gunness is responding not by condemning or trying to stop his teachers’ incitement to racism and violence, but rather by launching a campaign of intimidation against UN Watch.

Just as he last year reacted with a Twitter emotional meltdown when he screamed for a boycott of the Jerusalem Post over a critical op-ed, this time Gunness is attacking UN Watch for daring to report his organization’s incidents of hate.

UN Watch is urging donor states to finally hold Mr. Gunness accountable for his reckless, inflammatory and unprofessional conduct.

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In his tone and approach of reacting to UN Watch’s legitimate reporting on abuses, Gunness now joins the ranks of ex-UN official Richard Falk and Cuba’s Castro regime, both of whom sought to shut down UN Watch in the past.

UN Watch has nothing to hide. Gunness’ McCarthyite attacks are designed to intimidate us, and others, into silence.

But UN Watch refuses to be intimidated. On the contrary: we will now redouble our work to expose the despicable racism promoted by UNRWA officials in violation of the UN Charter and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

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Above: Facebook post by UNRWA official Nasreen Hammoud, on her page openly identified with UNRWA. Below:UNRWA’s Chris Gunness conducts a failed strategy of denial and attack against UN Watch.

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