March 14, 2023

These gruesome photos liked by Nimer were actually posted by another UNRWA teacher previously identified by UN Watch in a 2017 report: The hate

UNRWA's Riad Nimer liked a post praising a gruesome Jerusalem synagogue attack where Palestinian terrorists used axes to murder five Jewish worshippers and a Druze

This is the video posted by @UNRWA teacher Riad Nimer. It calls to follow in the footsteps of the terrorist Ibrahim al-Nabulsi, Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades

Meet Riad Nimer, UNRWA teacher in Lebanon. He posted a video of the funeral of Jihadi terrorist Ibrahim al-Nabulsi and hailed him as a “pure

In October, this UNRWA teacher MahmoudKhalil shared a poem venerating the terrorist “martyr” Udai Tamimi, and captioned his post, “For the honorable one is free

He shared this: “Israel raises the banner of surrender and defeat. This war ended the Zionist enterprise, destroyed its allies, and the terms of the

Now meet Mahmoud Khalil, another UNRWA teacher in Syria. He shared a Tweet praising Hamas rocket attacks against Israeli civilians, which “ended theZionist enterprise.” Hamas’

Important report by @UNWatch & @IMPACT_SE. The @UN’s inability to stop hate & incitement within @UNWRA show how deeply imbedded Jew hatred is in the

“If UNRWA had wanted to stop the hate-teaching, it would have done so years ago,” @IMPACT_SE CEO @marcusjsheff said ahead of releasing a new report

L'incitation contre Israël toujours présente dans les manuels scolaires de l'UNRWA (rapport) — i24NEWS Français (@i24NEWS_FR) March 14, 2023

L’incitation contre Israël toujours présente dans le matériel scolaire de l’UNRWA — The Times of Israel (@TimesofIsraelFR) March 14, 2023

Report finds incitement, antisemitism still prevalent in UNRWA classrooms — The Times of Israel (@TimesofIsrael) March 15, 2023

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