Qatari Outrage After UN Watch Blocks ‘Ambassador of Hate’ From Top UN Rights Post

UN Watch successfully blocked Qatar’s “Ambassador of Hate,” Ms. Hend al-Muftah, from chairing the United Nations Forum on Human Rights and Democracy.

She even deleted her Twitter account with its tens of thousands of followers, after her tweets cursing Jews, gays and Westerners were exposed by UN Watch.

Qataris are outraged at UN Watch’s campaign, as reported by Al Jazeera. Activists launched a social media campaign in support of Hend Al-Muftah, who defended her tweets to the Qatari public.


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Al-Jazeera ran a story on “Qatari solidarity with Hend Al-Muftah against an Israeli NGO” as part of its ‘Networks‘ program on September 27, 2022:

“The NGO UN Watch submitted a report to the President of the United Nations Human Rights Council demanding that its [Qatar’s Ambassador] candidacy be lifted in connection with the series of old tweets, describing them as hate speech.”



Al-Hura featured the result our successful campaign, “After her tweets on Jews and homosexuals, Qatar’s Representative to the United Nations in Geneva deletes her Twitter account“, on September 28, 2022:

“The Permanent Representative of Qatar to the United Nations Office at Geneva, Hend Al-Muftah, deleted her Twitter account, after she was severely criticized by human rights activists for a series of old tweets that were described as antisemitic and homophobic.

[…] It is noteworthy that the human rights NGO rushed to write to the United Nations to
criticize Al-Muftah’s nomination to the position of Chair of the United Nations Forum for Human Rights, democracy and rule of law, accusing her of antisemitism and bigotry against the LGBT community, citing her tweets.

In a statement published on September 12, the NGO UN Watch wrote that Qatar’s permanent representative  to the United Nations in Geneva has a long record of publishing racist and antisemitic tweets about Jews, making bigoted attacks on homosexuals, as well as spreading fake news and conspiracy theories about Western and liberal societies.

According to Canadian human rights activist Hillel Neuer, Al-Muftah published these tweets from 2011 to 2022.

In his Twitter thread on the story, Neuer described Al-Muftah as “Qatar’s ambassador of hate.



Al-Sharq first featured the story on September 26, 2022, under the headline “The decision not to appoint Hend Al-Muftah to an international organization because of her stance against the occupation raises anger“:

“Al-Sharq website examined the grounds for this unfair decision, which was taken on the basis of previous tweets by Dr. Hend al-Muftah, which she wrote years ago, including her condemnation of the practices of the Israeli occupation against the Palestinian people, as well as her criticism of practices that violate Islamic law and contradict human values ​​and common sense…

On September 12, a non-governmental organization called UN Watch published a report on the aforementioned tweets by Dr. Al-Muftah. About a week later, on September 12, the same organization published an article in which it indicated that Al-Muftah had been denied appointment as president of the United Nations Human Rights Forum, based on the report they had published, and based on a letter sent by the NGO to Federico Villegas, President of the United Nations Human Rights Council.”



Al-Sharq then quoted Qatar’s Ambassador’s reaction to our campaign “Dr. Hend Al-Muftah: Some parties took advantage of my old tweets to hurt Qatar in a systematic campaign” on September 30, 2022:

“Dr. Hend Al-Muftah explained — in a statement posted on her official Twitter account — that ‘during the past period, some parties have exploited my old tweets, some of which date back more than a decade, and used them in contexts other than the ones in which they were written, and used them with the aim to attack Qatar in a clear and systematic campaign’.”


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Qatari Shariah scholar Amaal Raeed:

She lost the presidency of the Human Rights Forum at the United Nations because of her tweets against homosexuality and the Semites and her description of the Israelis as “our enemies”, but she won all the love and appreciation and became the best example for Qatari women and a role model for every Muslim man and woman. #كفو_هند_المفتاح

Nasser Ibn Hassan, member of Qatar’s Shura Council (Consultative Assembly):

If what the occupation newspaper published about not assigning sister #هند_المفتاح as Ambassador #قطر to #الأمم_المتحدة in Geneva is correct, to head the Human Rights Forum because of her tweets against moral decay and against the crimes of the occupation, then this is an honor for her and for us. The free man does not compromise his morals and his religion. #كفو_هند_المفتاح


Mubaraka al-Marri, Qatari entrepreneur:

This tweet was written by the Canadian international lawyer Hillel, who is a member of UN Watch, attached with a complete file of Dr. Hend Al-Muftah’s tweets, which they presented as an excuse to drop Qatar from winning the presidency of the Human Rights Forum. Notice that the campaign addresses the British Center in Qatar and those who started it even launched a vicious war against the British family


Dr. Hend Al-Muftah closing her account is a good behavior, until she stopped hacking her personal tweets and using her to attack her as a representative of the State of Qatar. The target is not the doctor. The target is #Qatar, after reviewing what is being presented in international newspapers such as @guardian and the United Nations report @UNWatch and documentation international lawyer @HillelNeuer


Emirati activist reports Twitter deleted Qatar Ambassador’s account:

Based on a letter from the United Nations Human Rights Council, the Twitter administration closed the account of the Qatari Ambassador, Dr. Hend Al-Muftah, after she was lost the presidency of the Human Rights Forum at the United Nations, after lying to them about human rights in Qatar and misleading the forum about the humanitarian situation in Qatar. #كفو_هند_المفتاح

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