Assad tells U.N. he cares about suffering of people in Golan, while killing thousands of Syrian civilians

As more than 27,000 civilians have been killed in the conflict in Syria, the Human Rights Council has tasked the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights to prepare a report on Israeli violations in the Golan.

In its submission to the OHCHR, the Assad regime claims that “in order to guarantee sustainable stability and security in the Middle East region, adequate measures must be taken to ensure the implementation of all relevant international resolutions, including Human Rights Council resolutions, without discrimination or selectivity.” But of course, the blame for the lack of stability and security has to be put on Israel and not on its own abuses and disrespect of human rights treaties.

According to the Assad regime, Israel is to blame for protecting its border, when Syria provocatively sent busloads of “protesters,” past Syrian and U.N. outposts, right to the front lines, undisturbed by the Syrian authorities present.

  • “Israeli occupation forces carried out a brutal massacre in which they fired live bullets at peaceful unarmed protesters (Syrians and Palestinians) on the Syrian side of the ceasefire line in the occupied Syrian Golan, resulting in 23 dead and 350 injured.”
  • “Israeli occupation forces committed a similar crime in which they used live ammunition to disperse peaceful protesters, leading to 15 deaths and scores of injuries.”
  • “The decision of the Israeli Government, in June 2011, to build an apartheid separation wall in the occupied Syrian Golan, east of Majdal al-Shams, on the pretext of preventing Palestinians and Syrians from crossing the ceasefire line and reaching the occupied town of Majdal al-Shams.”


In addition, Israel committed the following ‘crimes’ during the past year:

  • “Israel’s determination to establish and expand a wind farm in the territory of the occupied Syrian Golan.”
  • “The Syrian Arab Republic similarly condemns the refusal of the Israeli occupation authorities, in late March 2012, to allow Syrian Arab farmers to transport their apple harvest to Syria.”
  • “The Syrian Arab Republic condemns the action taken by the Israeli occupation authorities, in December 2010, to extract water from Mas`adah Lake in the occupied Syrian Golan and divert it to settlers’ farms.”
  • “The Government further expresses its concern over the recent increase in cases of Syrian farmers and herders, including children, abducted by Israel from the Syrian side of the ceasefire line in the occupied Syrian Golan.”
  • “The Israeli occupation authorities refused to allow a delegation of religious dignitaries from the occupied Golan to cross into the motherland for the burial of Ahmad al-Hijri in the Syrian city of Suwaida’. These arbitrary Israeli practices inflict material, mental and physical suffering on Syrian citizens.”

We just hope that Assad and his government would be as concerned for the “material, mental and physical suffering” of their own civilians, who are being murdered by the dozens each day.


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