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UN: Taiwan is a province of China — UN Watch (@UNWatch) May 27, 2024

Meet Rei Xia. She silently protested in China with a blank white paper. They took her away. After her release, she posted about police abuses.

Fact: the U.N. Human Rights Council has never once condemned China for persecuting Uyghur Muslims. When the US tried in 2022, Arab and Muslim states

China’s Communist regime crushed peace-loving Tibet and democratic Hong Kong, but they want UN statehood and “justice” for terror-infested Gaza and Jenin. — Hillel

BREAKING: 🇬🇧 British Parliament releases evidence China paid bribes to two heads of UN General Assembly; whistleblower reveals that top UN Human Rights Council official

🇨🇳 Chinese FM Wang Yi: "China is home to 56 ethnic groups. People with different ethnicities and communities are equal in enjoying human rights. With

#FreeJimmyLai Hong Kong political prisoner and human rights hero — UN Watch (@UNWatch) January 23, 2024

.@antonioguterres Why is China a member of your U.N. human rights council? Why are you silent? We are demanding that you move immediately to expel

Moral Courage: The U.N. chief who never calls out China for crushing its own people and herding 1 million Muslims into camps, is next door

🇨🇳 China tells U.N. Human Rights Council that “the people in Hong Kong enjoy a wide range of rights and freedoms.” Fact-check: #False. The truth

Congratulations to 🇨🇳 China on its election to the U.N. Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, which in the past cited credible reports that

🇨🇳 China to UN: “Tibetan cultural traditions are promoted and protected, and human rights of all ethnic groups are protected.” Fact-check: #False. Forced assimilation and

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