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UN Women finally condemns Hamas—then endorses rigged UN Commission of Inquiry composed of:✅ Navi Pillay—lobbies to “Sanction Apartheid Israel” ✅ Miloon Kothari—rants about “The Jewish

Sick joke: Navi Pillay, head of the UN inquiry targeting Israel—who defended a colleague's rant about “The Jewish Lobby”—says she'll probe Hamas sexual violence in

Navi Pillay, head of UN inquiry targeting Israel: “I know that some of you think that the commissioners are not impartial, that we are biased…”

Navi Pillay's UN Inquiry on Israel is about to do a press conference. Their new report refuses to acknowledge Palestinian terrorism, and blames Israel for

Good News: Navi Pillay, chair of the UNHRC's anti-Israel commission of inquiry & long-time enabler of Hamas terrorism, is no longer getting @ABILA_official International Law

.@ABILA_official Why on October 21st are you planning to give an award to Navi Pillay, who shows contempt for the basic rules of justice and

Meet the UNHRC’s Pillay Commission of Inquiry:✅ Navi Pillay: lobbies to “Sanction Apartheid Israel”✅ Miloon Kothari: rants about “the Jewish Lobby”✅ Chris Sidoti: says Jews

⚡ Caught on Hot Mic: Navi Pillay and Chris Sidoti, members of the UN's anti-Israel inquisition, unaware their conversation before today's press conference was being

מהפך באו"ם: רוב המדינות שנטלו את הדיבור היום—מאמריקה הלטינית, אפריקה, אסיה, אירופה וצפון אמריקה—הצטרפו לשגריר ישראל @giladerdan1 למתוח ביקורת חריפה בוועדת החקירה של האו"ם בשל

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