Murderous regimes at the United Nations including Syria, Iran and North Korea today took their turns stabbing the Jewish state with accusations of evil, as the UNHRC’s Pillay Commission of Inquiry on Israel — as impartial as the Spanish Inquisition — presented its latest report. UN Watch’s Hillel Neuer took the floor to ask them several questions, yet they refused — or were unable — to respond.


Selections from today’s debate at the U.N. Human Rights Council:

UNHRC Vice-President: We shall begin the interactive dialogue with the Independent Commission of Inquiry on the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem and in Israel.

Navi Pillay, Chair of Commission of Inquiry: Our examination revealed that the majority of violations are being committed by Israeli authorities, as part of the Israeli government’s goal of consolidating its permanent occupation at the expense of the rights of the Palestinian people.

Venezuela on behalf of The Group of Friends in Defense of the Charter of the United Nations: The Israeli occupation constitutes a neoliberal colonial occupation and apartheid regime.

North Korea: My delegation is seriously concerned of the continued violation of human rights by Israel.

Syria: An apartheid regime…

Amnesty International: Dismantle Israel’s system of apartheid, the root cause of such oppression.

Pakistan on behalf of the Islamic States: Impunity is writ large on Israel’s dehumanizing and apartheid policies.

Iran: The scale of killing torture, ill-treatment, intimidation, and abuse and harassment against human rights defenders and journalists perpetrated by the occupying power show clearly, that the war crimes and crimes against humanity are used on a daily basis as a normal tool of an apartheid entity.

Hillel Neuer, UN Watch:

Madam Chair,

Today’s report examines attacks, restrictions, and harassment of civil society actors, who address the issues under the mandate of the Commission of Inquiry.

As you may know, our NGO recently marked its 30th anniversary as a civil society actor speaking out on these matters.

On October 7th, we filed a legal complaint with the United Nations that documented a campaign of attacks, restrictions, and harassment targeting our organization. I invite all Member States to see the rather shocking evidence at On October 11th, UN Assistant Secretary-General Martha Lopez confirmed that the complaint would be considered.

I would like to ask the Members of the Commission: Is there any reason why, in the 78 pages of your report and annex, there is not one reference to this kind of harassment targeting civil society organizations that speak out against antisemitic incitement by the Palestinian Authority, and terrorist attacks by Hamas and Islamic Jihad?

In regard to antisemitism, we commend the cross-regional group of 18 countries, including Britain, France, Brazil, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Liberia, Canada and Switzerland, that condemned the remarks about “the Jewish Lobby” by a member of the commission, Mr. Kothari. We also commend the UN Secretary General’s statement, and the former Council President for condemning this “stigmatization of the Jewish people. . . which is at the heart of any expression of antisemitism.”

Madam Pillay: Do you still stand by your letter of 28 July defending Mr. Kothari’s remarks, which have been condemned by the world for antisemitism?

UNHRC Vice-President: I will now call on the distinguished member of the Commission of Inquiry to respond to the questions and observations that have been provided.

Chris Sidoti: There were comments that went to the content of our current report. It is extremely encouraging to us that not one of the 50 states that have spoken in this interactive dialogue took any issue with the content of our report.

UN Watch

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