CNN: Syria nominated at UNESCO Committee

CNN International –  “The Situation Room”  transcript
Nov. 23, 2011
By Fran Townsend, Chris Lawrence, Joe Johns, Wolf Blitzer

BLITZER: Certainly is. Good report. Thanks very much. We’re also learning some outrageous new developments involving Syria and the United Nations. Stand by.

BLITZER: Here’s an outrageous new development involving Syria. Lisa Sylvester is watching that and some of the other top stories — Lisa.

SYLVESTER: Hi, Wolf. Well, we’re used to seeing deadly protests in Syria these days. Now despite months of alleged human rights abuses, a United Nations watch dog group is reporting, UNESCO, the U.N.’s education arm unanimously elected Syria to a committees including one dealing with human rights. The Arab group within UNESCO nominated Syria for those spots.

A French court has declared the way for former dictator Noriega to be extradited to his home country of Panama. He’ll face charges there alleging he ordered the murder of a political rival in 1985. He’s been jailed in France since 2007 for money laundering — Wolf.

BLITZER: Lisa, thank you. It’s a very sad day at CNN as we lost a long time member of our family. CNN radio anchor, Stan Case was killed in a car crash in Birmingham, Alabama.

His wife, one of CNN’s lead writers was injured and remains hospitalized. CNN radio news manager, Mike Jones says Stan Case was in many ways the backbone of this network.

Stan case, a great, great, great guy was 59 years old. Our deepest condolences to his family.

BLITZER: Questions are swirling about the possible role of hazing in the death of a college marching band drum major. CNN’s Lisa Sylvester is back with the story.



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