Diego Arria at UN Watch Inaugural New York Gala

Ambassador Diego Arria, member of the UN Watch International Advisory Board

As you can see, there’s not much to add about what UN Watch means for the whole world. That’s why I feel so proud and so happy not only to be here, but to be part of the Advisory Board of this organization that I met a few years back in Geneva. I was impressed that they were providing the slot of time that they had at the Human Rights Council to give it to my country, and to other countries that were suffering so much all over the world.
I became then a fan of the organization and a fan of Hillel Neuer, whom I find really a powerhouse in Geneva.
You know, I come from a small country, Venezuela, which for many years was an example of democracy and freedom all over the world and at the United Nations.
I don’t have to explain to people in this hall what it means to lose 5 million people. Venezuela has the largest diaspora in contemporary times: it’s about 15% of our population we have lost because they have been running away from a criminal, who is actually harming and hurting our people.
There are so many complaints about the Venezuelan regime at the International Criminal Court, at the International Court of Justice, all over the world, and always you will find UN Watch as our main partner in this.

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