Issue 380: VIDEO: U.N.’s Hate Israel Day, Part II * UN Watch Exposes Hypocrisy on Syria

Now on YouTube: Hate Israel Day at the U.N., Part 2

UN Watch confronts world’s worst regimes as they scapegoat Israel
to deflect attention from their own crimes


In UN Watch Briefing 370 we reported on Part 1 of the ritual day of hate held by the last session of the U.N.’s top human rights body, in which Richard Falk, its permanent investigator on “Israel’s violations of the bases and principles of international law,” excoriated Israel and exonerated Hamas.

Part 2 below presents selections from the Human Rights Council’s ensuing general debate under its permanent agedna item against Israel, entitled “The human rights situation in Palestine and other occupied Arab territories.”

Vitriolic speeches against the Jewish state—delivered with gloating and glee by police states that subjugate women and hang gay people from atop telescopic cranes—spewed forth one after the other. Then UN Watch took the floor.  CLICK FOR VIDEO


UN Human Rights Council, 20th Session
Debate under Permanent Agenda Item on
“The human rights situation in Palestine and other occupied Arab territories.”

Palestine: I would have liked Israel, the occupying power of my country, to participate in this debate. We find it strange, an unprecedented decision, that Israel discontinued participation with this Council. This shows how arrogant its policy is. It must put an end to barbarous attacks against Palestinians.

Turkey: The flotilla incident is a shameful attack on the essence of human rights. Israel committed willful killing, torture and inhumane treatment. They feel free to use disproportionate force whenever and wherever they wish; they consider themselves above the law.

Egypt for the Non-Aligned Movement: The world continues to witness systematic suffering by Israeli practices. Israel the occupying power fails to fulfill obligations under human rights and humanitarian law. The international community has an obligation to respond to this intransigence.

Senegal for the African Group: The African Group denounces yet again the continuing Israeli settlement of territories, despite condemnation by the international community.

European Union: Settlement construction, the separation barrier, occupied land, demolition of homes and evictions, are illegal under international law and threaten to make the two-state solution impossible.

Pakistan for the Islamic Group: We demand an end to the illegal occupation of Golan and an end to violations of international law. This Council faces a serious challenge: the obstinate refusal of Israel to cooperate with it and the UN machinery as a whole.

Jordan for the Arab Group: Israel practices Judaization of territories, destruction of Christian and Muslim holy sites, especially excavations underneath Al-Aqsa mosque, even graveyards of prophets. Israel Occupation Forces violate rights of Syrians in Syrian Arab Golan. Israeli practices in the Occupied Golan go beyond any ethical or legal limits. Israel the Occupying Power continues its occupation in total disregard for all UN decisions in a systematic policy that violates international human rights law.

Norway: The occupation of the West Bank and Gaza remains the greatest obstacle to peace.

Lebanon: The whole world is following changes in our region very closely, but this interest stops at the door of the Occupying Power.

Syria: Israel is committing flagrant violations of the 4th Geneva Convention and all principles of humanitarian law, perpetrating state terrorism in total disregard to basic human rights. Some are very busy day and night to make the crisis in Syria international, and to lead to military intervention and to participate in Syrian bloodshed. This in total disregard to the hunger, siege and other violations of human rights, in Gaza, West Bank, occupied Jerusalem, and Syrian Golan.

Saudi Arabia: East Jerusalem is the subject of a Judaization campaign.

Sudan: Sudan calls upon Israel to respect its commitments and to follow provisions of international human rights law and to put an end to the policy of impunity.

UN Human Rights Council President: I now give the floor to United Nations Watch.


UN Watch Executive Director Hillel Neuer: Thank you, Mr. President.

As this chamber has been discussing human rights and the Middle East, I’ve just learned — this is a dispatch coming out of Agence France Presse from Beirut — that five civilians were killed today in Syria. Four were killed in the eastern province of Deir Ezzor, when their car was shelled. A fifth was killed when troops shelled the rebel-controlled town of Rastan.

And as we sit here, thousands of civilians in Homs remain trapped in shelling. Activist Khaled al-Tellawy reports that, “Many neighborhoods of Homs are still under siege, and it really hard for us to get food or medicines in. Field doctors are amputating the limbs of the injured, because they have no equipment to treat them with, and they can’t be smuggled out.”

This follows the news report over the weekend that Friday became the bloodiest day in the Syrian uprising.

Mr. President,

Why is there no urgent debate for the victims being killed in Syria?

I recall being here in 2004 when the Human Rights Commission convened an emergency meeting over the death of one man, Hamas leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin.

Why does one terrorist merit an emergency session, but the five innocents killed today, the 190 killed on Friday, the 900 killed last week, merit nothing?

These men, women and children who were just killed in Syria are Arabs, and most of them Muslims. Yet why is it that we just heard speeches by the Arab and Islamic groups speak, and they said nothing for their own brothers and sisters?

Why has this session devoted one entire day against Israel, and then another day for the whole world combined, in violation of the Secretary-General’s appeal for equality in your work?

How can it be that we have heard speeches from Jordan, Tunisia, Libya, Bahrain, Venezuela, Pakistan, UAE, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Sudan, Iran, Malaysia, Indonesia, Lebanon, Bangladesh and Kuwait – yet not one of them could spare a word for those being killed as we speak?

Mr. President,

Why is there a special agenda item targeting Israel, contrary to theSecretary-General’s appeal for the principles of equality and universality, while the world’s worst abusers go ignored, and sit here as judges of others?

Thank you, Mr. President.


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