5. Cuba calls to “eliminate” UN Watch speech
showing Israeli elections as lesson for dictatorships

March 2015: When UN Watch’s Hillel Neuer asked why the UN Human Rights Council condemned Israel four times more than Iran, North Korea, and Syria, and he urged dictatorships to instead try and learn from Israeli elections taking place that day, Cuba’s delegate interrupted, calling for Neuer to be removed from the forum, and his speech eliminated. Click for video
4. UN Chief Admits UN Bias & Discrimination Against Israel 
December 2015: UN Watch released a video, never seen before, of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon admitting that Israel suffers from UN “bias” and even “discrimination.” In conversation with Israeli students, Mr. Ban admitted the “unfortunate situation” that there is “some bias against Israel, Israeli people and government…” He added: “You have been criticized and you have been suffering from this bias — and sometimes discrimination. I am urging member states that every and all member states are equal.” Click for video
3. “Israel is not the problem, Israel is the solution” – Son of Hamas
Click for video
2. “For 35 years my hair was hostage of the Iranian government”
February 2015: Iranian Journalist Masih Alinejad, at the 2015 Geneva Summit organized by UN Watch and 20 other human rights NGOs. Click for video
1. “This U.N. Council encourages Hamas terror tactics”
June 2015: Col. Richard Kemp refutes biased report of UN’s Commission of Inquiry on the 2014 Gaza conflict. Click for video
Click here for the Top 10 Most Insane UN Moments of 2015


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